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United Living brings Zoolab to children in Croydon

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Nursery children in Croydon got to have fun with a wide variety of animals in an extraordinary day arranged by United Living.

Zoolab came to Keeley’s Daycare Nursery and provided an educational animal handling experience which included snakes, millipedes and domesticated rats.

Amanda Pearce, Assistant Site Manager, said: “It was lovely to interact with the children at the nursery. We see them every day arriving and leaving and always smile and say hello when we pass. Visiting the nursery with Zoolab was an experience for the children and myself. Finally meeting the children, interacting and watching them eagerly receiving their special hard hats and hi-vis was great and they were so happy that we shared our working day with them. The actual Zoolab interaction was truly amazing and we were proud to provide them with the experience.”

As well as the time with the animals, a drawing competition was also held for the children. The challenge was to draw a picture of a new home, and some truly creative designs were made.

Amanda said: “The children had worked so hard on the drawing competition that we arranged, choosing the winning entries was so hard. So glad that they all had a goody bag to go home with. Can’t wait till our next Zoolab visit in November!”

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