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£34m regeneration scheme completed in Hertford

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A £34m regeneration scheme in Hertfordshire has been successfully completed, resulting in a transformation that benefits both new and existing residents.

National contractor United Living, working on behalf of Network Homes, were set the task of demolishing and replacing aging houses with contemporary affordable homes. Split across a road on two different sites, the new homes provide a tenure-blind mixture of shared ownership and rental units, with a high proportion of family houses to meet local priority needs.

Visually the area is almost unrecognisable, with old properties having given way to modern homes which have a contemporary appearance. With carefully planned streets and every home enjoying its own secure external amenity space, the environment has changed to reflect the modern outlook Hertford is embracing.

Paul Fleming, Project Manager at United Living, said: “This project is far more than just an opportunity for regeneration through construction. We have developed a strong partnership with Network Homes and their ambitions align resolutely with our own in terms of providing quality, affordable housing stock that has the potential to change people’s lives. This mutual understanding has delivered a high standard of homes and transformed The Ridgeway to create a lasting legacy for current and future residents”.

The south site is 29 units, with 13 apartments and 16 houses and the north site is comprised of 94 units, divided between 3 apartment blocks and 21 houses, totalling 123 new homes.

Network Homes held a launch event on 11th October to mark completion, with guests including the Mayor of Hertford, Rosemary Bolton, and the Chairman of East Herts Council, Jonathan Kaye.

Helen Evans, Chief Executive at Network Homes, said: “The new Ridgeway replaces an estate that was in poor condition and did not provide the quality of homes for people that Network Homes requires. We are really pleased that through a close partnership with the local community, East Herts Council and Homes England, The Ridgeway will be a neighbourhood people will be proud to be a part of.”

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