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Developing talent with apprenticeships

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United Living are committed to developing a pipeline of talent, this includes a number of new recruits and developing existing staff. This has been aided by the introduction of the apprenticeship levy.

Stephen Baker, Early Careers Manager, said: “The introduction of the apprenticeship levy is a fantastic thing. It’s a ring fenced budget solely focused on aiding us all in developing further and encouraging us to bring new recruits into our industry.”

Currently over 5% of United Living’s workforce are benefiting from training through the apprenticeship levy and a third of these people are existing employees that are benefiting from this opportunity.

Jon Wallis, Business Director for United Living South Refurbishment has nine people in his team who are benefiting from an apprenticeship course. Five of these are employed as apprentices and four are existing staff currently upskilling.

Jon said: “As an apprentice at United Living you are able to work alongside experienced staff building up knowledge, skills and gaining qualifications whilst also gaining general workplace experience including understanding how a business works.”

Alex Sinclair, Apprentice Quantity Surveyor at United Living, said: “I have been able to play a key role in large construction projects from early on and I feel part of a valued team. Being able to help create 68 new homes for the ex-service community at Rhodes Moorhouse Court provided a great opportunity to learn invaluable skills to advance my career within construction.”

Callum Pearson is an Apprentice Plant Fitter with Fastflow Pipeline Services. Callum said: “Joining as an apprentice has allowed me to develop skills I needed to understand the industry and what is involved in a work environment. Most of my learning has been accelerated by the support of the experienced fitters who have passed on their wisdom and knowledge to increase my skills and experience.”

For information on the next apprenticeship intake with United Living, follow @unitedlivinggrp on Twitter.

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