United Living and Fastflow Group – keeping UK energy networks safe and healthy

Working with our customers to keep communities safe, warm and as stress free as possible is our priority.

When people turn on a light switch or the fire, or when hospitals and care homes need energy, it’s important the gas is available when it’s needed.

Our gas transmission business Fastflow Energy Services is very busy behind the scenes ensuring the UK energy transmission networks continue to be healthy, fully operational and operate safely.

Adapting strict safe systems of work and government guidelines, we continue to maintain this critical infrastructure asset. An example of one of our projects in progress during the lockdown, is the National Grid, King’s Lynn Compressor Station where our teams are supporting a critical outage programme.

Managing director of Fastflow Energy Services, Benn Cottrell said: “The work at the King’s Lynn Compressor Station is a design and build project which involves large scale excavations to reveal the existing plant and removing large diameter valves and installing electrical control and instrumentation equipment, enabling remote operation and monitoring of the asset.

“As a result of COVID-19, a lot of additional work was required before we started on site to ensure that we adopted the new safe ways of working and met National Grid’s requirements to keep our teams and customers safe.”