Laptops donated to primary school to help address digital inequality and inclusion

United Living recently donated 10 laptops to Liberty Primary School in Mitcham, to assist children with flexible and home learning during and post lockdown.

The #coronavirus pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the way children and young people can access education. It has highlighted that not every family has the technology or resources to access online education and support. To bridge this gap, laptops were handed over to help address digital inequality and inclusion.

Even with schools retuning to the classroom – the stop–start nature caused by self-isolation means they will still need the computers for home learning and beyond to support access to education resources.

Jacqueline Noon, Social Value Manager at United Living Property Services, said: “It was a real pleasure to provide support to Liberty Primary School. The school plays a huge role in the community being part of the Mitcham Town Community Trust and we are very happy to help improve their equipment.”

United Living is committed to the long-term sustainability of the built environment and to leaving a lasting legacy for the communities in which we live and work.

Kristina Burton, Cluster Development and Project Manager at Mitcham Town Community Trust, said: “Like many, Liberty Primary School has faced financial challenges and is constantly seeking additional funding through community partnerships and grant making. The school is delighted with United Living’s generous donation of laptops which will help 10 students with study catch up, physical activity and road awareness.”

The Mitcham Town Community Trust, which Liberty Primary School is a founding member, offers wider community access to facilities and varied activities within and beyond the school day with a mission to support all young people and families from Mitcham Town in reaching their full potential.