Hatfield 1

Lewisham Homes senior staff take a hard-hat tour of Hatfield and Gerrard transformation project

Senior members of Lewisham Homes visited Hatfield Close to see how works have progressed as we enter the final stages of the transformation project.

On a crisp and bright day, the team were given a guided tour of the project works which included the cladding, windows, sprinklers, kitchens & bathrooms and the photo-luminescent wayfinding system currently being installed on all three blocks.

The site visit included Margaret Dodwell, Chief Executive, Mark Newstead, Director of Property Services; Ainsley Forbes, Chair of Lewisham Homes Board; Brian Burton, Head of Stock Investment & Asset Management and Darren Marr, Special Projects Manager.

Mo Crouch, Partnering & New Business Director, United Living Property Services, said: “It was great to see the Lewisham Homes leadership team back at Hatfield & Gerrard to see how works are progressing on this flagship site”.

“This has been a phenomenal project to be involved in and a truly collaborative partnership from day one. It is exciting to see the blocks shaping up as we enter the final stage of these fire safety upgrade works”.

For more information about the Hatfield & Gerrard fire safety transformation project: https://www.lewishamhomes.org.uk/hatfield-close-and-gerrard-house-transformation-project/