Agile working at United Living


United Living Group is pleased to announce that it will introduce permanent agile working for its employees once social distancing restrictions are lifted on 19 July.

Flexibility has always been one of our core strengths and, wherever we’ve been able to, we’ve tried to enable our colleagues to work in a way that suits them and their teams.

We are a business that embraces innovation and change and believe that implementing an agile working process will help us deliver the best for our workforce and the company while maintaining our high-quality standards for our customers.

There are several benefits to this new approach, including enhanced job satisfaction, a reduced carbon footprint, increased productivity and better work-life balance for our people.

Different flexible working arrangements can also help bring diverse people together, improve inclusion and diversity and create opportunities to collaborate, helping the business be more successful.

We’re all about making things better, getting things done and driving through change at pace at United Living Group. That’s why agile working is here to stay, and it’s just one of the many ways we’re revolutionising the built environment.

Neil Armstrong, Chief Executive and Chair, United Living Group, said: “We have learned a great deal about working patterns during COVID-19, which has seen colleagues work productively across different locations.

“Having consulted extensively with them about future ways of working, we know they welcome the increased flexibility of agile working. We also know that our teams and culture thrive with contact, so our offices will always play an essential role in our business. Therefore, we feel that an agile working model is a right approach for our people and the business.

“We believe this approach will help us attract and retain the best talent and will continue to position United Living Group as an employer of choice.”