United Living supporting communities with Recycling Lives 


Delivering social value is intrinsic to our purpose and our goals of being a progressive and responsible business.

By engaging with communities and charitable organisations, we can cultivate a more sustainable and inclusive society and demonstrate that business done well can be a force for good.

Our approach to social value is rooted in our belief that how we do business is as important as what we do. Our programmes and activities are focused on creating work and training opportunities, building sustainable communities through employment, skills and awareness, and advocacy of trade with the social enterprise sector.

One such partnership arrangement that we have in place is with Recycling Lives. A national recycling and waste management business with a unique model, using its services to support charitable programmes delivered by the Recycling Lives charity.

As a result of our partnership, United Living Group, since 2019, has generated over £135,000 in social value and supported the delivery of a very significant number of meals served to some of the most marginalised people in our society.

The recycling and waste management programme also supports United Living Group’s Net Zero commitment. Over 6000 tonnes of waste has been removed and 98% diverted from landfills since 2019, increasing recycling rates and reducing waste creation.

Jacqueline Noon, Social Value Manager, United Living Group, said: “We are passionate about creating a sustainable built environment and using social enterprises aligns with our objective to generate value in the communities in which we work. 

“Working with Recycling Lives not only ensures environmental benefits from their recycling and waste management services, but their unique business model also allows for improving the lives of individuals across the UK. 

“I am very pleased with what we’ve achieved together over the last two and a half years and look forward to our partnership growing from strength to strength in the future”.

Phillip Ryan, Key Account Manager, Recycling Lives, said: “Recycling Lives is effectively our mission statement. Our partnership with United Living creates so much more than a positive environmental impact – but significant, life-changing, social value too. We very much look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with United Living to drive further the impact we achieve together”.

More information regarding Recycling Lives can be found via: www.recyclinglives.com.