Fastflow Group welcomes UK’s first Hydrogen Strategy

Fastflow Group, a subsidiary of United Living Infrastructure Services, has strongly welcomed the UK’s first-ever Hydrogen Strategy publication.

The UK’s first-ever Hydrogen Strategy drives forward the commitments laid out in the Prime Minister’s ambitious 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution.

The Strategy also sets the foundation for how the UK government will work with industry to meet its ambition for 5GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030, which could replace natural gas in powering around 3 million UK homes each year and powering transport businesses, particularly heavy industry.

As part of the Strategy, the Government has launched a consultation on the types of support needed for hydrogen projects that could bring the costs down. Along the lines of its contracts-for-difference (CfD) scheme that incentivises investment in renewable energy.

More information regarding the Hydrogen Strategy can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-government-launches-plan-for-a-world-leading-hydrogen-economy

Benn Cottrell, Managing Director, Fastflow Group | United Living Infrastructure Services, said: “If the UK is to achieve its ambition of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050, a mix of clean fuels will be required to meet increasing energy demands. Nuclear power, hydrogen generation with carbon capture and hydrogen generation from renewable electricity will be instrumental in providing clean, reliable energy for 2050 and beyond.

“To meet the UK’s decarbonisation target, we must make significant changes in the way we heat our homes, power industry, generate electricity and fuel our vehicles. We believe one of the most practical options to achieve clean energy growth is hydrogen.

“Our knowledge and experience of working on the gas transmission and distribution system makes Fastflow Group a reliable and trusted partner to support the deployment of hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation and storage”.