About Us

United Living Group is at the heart of your community. We take pride in helping our clients create places where people enjoy living and we provide the essential services that support daily life. We employ more than 1100 people with a supply chain network of over 2000 resources supporting our projects.

We may work in infrastructure and housing, but our customers aren’t buildings, pipes or wires. We put people first. We listen, we adapt, and we communicate clearly because we understand that when we get it right, people live happier lives. Accustomed to working in safety critical and public facing environments, both in urban or rural areas, we are capable of fixing a roof or tap anywhere in the UK with a couple of hours' notice, upgrading energy assets that manage 20% of the UK gas demands, or providing land and thousands of new homes across the UK. We are large enough to deal with major complex projects and sufficiently agile to make sure we don’t lose sight of what our customers need.

With a passion to deliver a sustainable legacy, we work with our registered provider partners, local authorities, water and energy networks and private developers to bring wider benefits including training, local employment and community initiatives. We make it our business to ensure that the people, environments and communities in which we operate are a better place when we have completed our work.

Brand & History

United Living Group comprises a group of companies that came together under the Fastflow Group.

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Vision & Strategy

Our vision articulates how we create value and a positive impact – in everything we do for our customers, shareholders and communities. Our vision defines the ambition of the company.

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Ethos & Values

Together we achieve more - our values are what make us who we are and our teams live by these on a daily basis. We work in partnership with our clients to deliver the best results, everytime.

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Governance & Our Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee is responsible for effectively overseeing the day to day running of the Company and its businesses. It determines the strategic direction, business plan, objectives and governance structure that will help achieve the long-term objectives of the Company and deliver sustainable stakeholder value.

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Environmental, Social & Governance

Our understanding of the impact of climate change is increasing, both in terms of how climate risk will impact our physical world and the economic systems that finances our business model.

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