Our history

Our business can trace its roots to a company founded in 1964 called Harp Heating which delivered internal refurbishments for the Greater London Council. Since then, much of our growth has been organic, with key acquisitions accelerating our development.

The business we know today was created in 2019 following the merger of property specialist United Living and Fastflow Group, a renowned gas, water and energy engineering business to form United Living Group, a major player in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Since 2019, United Living Group has expanded into new markets and strengthened its project delivery capabilities. In 2021, United Living completed the acquisition of Great British Communications, which plays a vital role in the UK’s connectivity.

Here, we highlight some of the key milestones in our journey so far.


United Living began life as a central heating specialist trading under the name Harp Heating, delivering a package of heating, bathroom, kitchen, and electrical works for Greater London Council.

80s & 90s

Harp Heating was rebranded as United House, entering the property refurbishment and new housing sectors. During the 1980s, we pioneered the resident liaison officer role and by the end of the 1990s United House was well on the way to becoming a leading property company.


In 2005, water utility maintenance specialist Fastflow was acquired from Northumbrian Water by current United Living CEO and Chairman Neil Armstrong. Fastflow evolved through a combination of acquisition and organic growth, expanding into the energy, property maintenance and new housing sectors.


United House merged with Bullock Construction, a northern-based new housing business, which was founded in 1955.

Bullock Construction had a similar profile to United House but worked in other areas of the UK. The new company was called United Living. Fastflow acquired DW Support Services, a property maintenance and refurbishment business based in London and Reading.

Fastflow acquired housing specialist, Partner Construction (Partner), creating affordable homes for registered partners, local authorities, and private developers across the UK.


United Living joins forces with Fastflow to form United Living Group.


Under the United Living Group brand, three service pillars were created infrastructure services, new homes, and property services.

Fastflow Energy Services and Pipeline Services formed the infrastructure services pillar. United Living construction activities and Partner Construction made up the new homes pillar and all group property maintenance activities, including DW Support Services operated under the property services pillar. United Living Group featured in the 16th annual Sunday Times PwC Top Track 250.

United Living Group completed the strategic acquisition of Great British Communications (now known as United Living Connected), which plays a vital role in the UK’s connectivity, providing a full suite of design, construction and maintenance services to the mobile telecommunications, civil engineering, and electrical engineering industries.


Group revenue reaches £0.5 billion.


United Living Group secures investment from one of the world’s biggest private equity investors, Apollo Global Management. The multi-million-pound deal is the first in the UK for Apollo’s $1 billion impact fund. United Living Group revenue hits £0.8 billion.

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