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  • CLIENT NAME: Aster Group
  • VALUE: Not disclosed
  • LOCATION: South of England
  • COMPLETION: Ongoing

Creating safer homes

Helping to provide healthy and well-maintained homes

To help ensure homes are safe and in good condition, many social housing providers are looking to specialist contractors to create healthy homes for their residents.

Since April 2023, United Living Property Services (ULPS) has been working closely with Aster Group to advise, detect and report on damp, mould and condensation (DMC) and ensure the correct remedial response with a clear understanding of root cause and potential resolutions.

Our approach

Working with the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) standards, our specialist response teams identify the root cause of DMC and provide full details of required works, programme, and costs for approval to ensure that each case is completed to an agreed timescale and customer satisfaction.

All works are managed directly by our experienced DMC taskforce team and delivered by directly employed team with support from supply chain partners with a strong understanding of processes and procedures. Early and continuous resident liaison sits front and centre of our approach.

All DMC cases are handled with total sensitivity by our dedicated Customer Experience Manager, who ensures residents have complete visibility of agreed works to ensure they feel well-informed, supported, and have their needs considered in the process.

employee checking home for damp

Service improvements and customer satisfaction

The scope of our partnership was agreed upon in the mobilisation phase to ensure coverage of three key areas: ventilation, insulation, and heating levels.

By focusing on those areas in our bespoke report, we have provided Aster Group with an accurate reflection of how each home performs and what remedial work is required. To date, we have completed 540 DMC surveys.

As part of our DMC process, we contact the resident on day one to make an appointment for a DMC survey within 10 days. We provide a full condition report for each property, including property details to ensure an up-to-date flow of information is provided to ensure that the right action is taken to address any issues reported.

  • DMC inspection
  • Images of the property
  • Resident questionnaire
  • Construction details and risk profile
  • Golden triangle heating, insulation & ventilation
  • Humidity, damp & condensation readings
  • Risk profile and clear action plan

As part of the DMC survey, we specifically focussed on Aster Group properties extractor fans and their suitability to meet Part F of building regulations in England for the ventilation requirements.



We have partnered with United Living since April 2023. Their comprehensive investigations and design solutions are helping us in our goal to deliver safe and well-maintained homes, free supporting our customers in preventing from damp, mould and condensation (DMC) within their homes. All DMC cases are handled with total sensitivity. Residents are well-informed, supported, and their needs are carefully considered throughout the process. We look forward to building on our partnership making our homes healthier and safer to live in.

Aster Group


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