Building safety

Hatfield & Gerrard

  • CLIENT NAME: Lewisham Homes
  • VALUE:  £22.5 million
  • LOCATION: Lewisham, London
  • COMPLETION: 2022

Creating safer homes and communities

An award-winning building and fire safety project

Following the Grenfell Tragedy in June 2017, it was confirmed that the cladding on three 13-storey tower blocks at Hatfield Close (two blocks) and Gerrard House (one block) failed non-combustibility tests.

United Living Property Services was commissioned by Lewisham Homes to remove the unsafe cladding from the three tower blocks and deliver building safety improvements to improve the quality of life for residents and ensure they feel safer and, therefore, more comfortable in their homes. The project won two awards at the National Building and Construction Awards in 2021 for project of the Year in the £10 million to £25 million category and the overall Gold Medal.


Community led regeneration

Engaging with residents and the local community was central to securing buy-in and support for the project, especially given the disruption large-scale projects can cause. Working collaboratively with the customer and partners, we worked to ensure that everyone living at Hatfield and Gerrard had meaningful opportunities to be included in the project. Our work helped ensure that the local community and key stakeholders had access to accurate information, understood our customer’s aspirations for the site, and commitment to creating a lasting legacy.

Creating safe, high-quality homes

To ensure building safety, we replaced its pre-existing combustible cladding, replaced it with non-combustible A1 fire-rated material, and c out in-depth fire safety, and improvement works.

The new cladding is designed to be highly fire resistant with the tiles made from terracotta and has an A1 safety rating, the highest achievable. Additional works included the installation of smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, Automatic opening vents, upgraded windows, new doors, balconies and structural works.

Working collaboratively with our partners

United Living and Lewisham Homes have shared values in creating safe places that people are proud to call home within thriving communities. This project provided an opportunity to do just that, with the extensive refurbishments transforming the quality of life of residents.

At all stages, we worked closely with Lewisham Homes building control team and fire officer to ensure that works were completed safely and according to current guidance and regulations. As part of this process, quality control procedures were put in place to measure and evidence the various building safety improvements, including digital recording to ensure a golden thread of building information.

During the installation, the London Fire Brigade frequently visited the buildings to view the fire safety-compliant cladding system. A sample of the new cladding system has been installed at their training base.

Ensuring a positive, lasting legacy

A key priority for our business is to leave a positive lasting legacy, aligned with the needs and desires of the community. We do this by creating impactful change and fostering economic growth.

We worked hard to ensure that the project created broad economic & social benefits for the whole community. A dedicated social value officer was appointed to the site to ensure the needs of the residents were considered at all stages. Projects included CV workshops, a women-in-construction workshop and the restoration of an overgrown community garden, local apprenticeships and employment.



Working with United Living on our re-cladding project has been a pleasure. The project has gone like a dream, with satisfied residents and a great, can-do approach to the project team overseeing the work. Any issue has been tackled positively and at pace, and we have received several external accolades due to the work United Living have done for us.

James Shaw - Director of Property Services, Lewisham Homes


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