Gas compressor station upgrade

Hatton Compressor Station

  • CLIENT NAME: National Gas
  • VALUE: £12 million
  • LOCATION: Lincolnshire
  • COMPLETION: 2024

Gas systems fit for the future

Creating a greener gas transmission system

National Gas owns and operates the high-pressure gas National Transmission System (NTS) in England, Scotland and Wales, which consists of several compressor stations, terminals and above-ground installations connected by a network of buried steel pipelines.

In October 2022, United Living Infrastructure Services (ULIS) was appointed by National Gas to facilitate a major upgrade on the Hatton Compressor Station. The upgrade will make the station more environmentally friendly and help National Gas run the transmission system more efficiently – creating much lower emissions.

Keeping critical infrastructure resilient and fit for the future

The Hatton Compression station is a critical part of the high-pressure gas national transmission system – enabling and protecting gas supplies to millions of customers nationwide.

With nine pipelines linking it to other parts of the network, it helps gas flow from terminals in Scotland and the North East, provides demand support to the South East, and supports the interconnector flows at the Bacton gas terminal in Norfolk.

The station plays a pivotal role in ensuring the network can meet its 1 in 20 obligation – being able to protect the gas supply for customers during the UK’s worst winter in 20 years – and safeguard the heating supply for 2 million customers.

The requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive have identified that two of the onsite gas compressors at Hatton no longer comply with emissions limits and need to be retired by December 2023. As a result, they will be replaced by a single, more environmentally friendly compressor.


Complex underground pipeline diversions

We completed three critical phases of the compressor upgrade. Enabling works and piping diversions, relocating existing lines that currently run under the main construction area, and installing suction, discharge and recycle pipework. In the third key segment of work, our teams have re-routed three existing pipelines connecting the compressor station and the above-ground installations (AGI) to make way for the new compressor.


Flexible working to meet critical deadlines

We accelerated the programme with weekend working and longer shifts to ensure the pipeline diversions were completed in line with a planned outage window. It was critical to meet our deadline, as delay would have led to an imbalance of the system and National Gas needing to amend scheduled outages in other parts of the system to accommodate.

Installing the compressor and civils

It took Siemens two years to build the highly complex compressor at their facilities. As custodians, we were solely responsible for safely installing this technology into its new home. Working closely with Siemens, we coordinated site clearance, temporary works, and pipeline protection to facilitate the installation of the 70-tonne compressor via a 500-tonne crane.

We also implemented a stringent traffic management system on the new roads surrounding the compressor station to ensure its safe passage to the site.

Installation of the new compressor is due to be completed in 2024.

workmen pictured with gas compressor


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