responsive maintenance


  • CLIENT NAME: Peabody
  • VALUE: £8 million per year
  • LOCATION: East London & Home Counties
  • COMPLETION: Ongoing

Reliable support when it matters most

Trusted delivery partner

United Living has been a trusted partner for Catalyst (now part of Peabody) for over a decade, delivering multiple workstreams across its stock portfolio.

We are responsible for responsive repairs and void maintenance to over 16,000 properties and gas servicing, repairs and maintenance to over 3,800 properties. We are also responsible for the planned and cyclical maintenance of over 21,000 properties (including street properties, low, medium and high-rise blocks).

Collaborative partnership

Due to our long-term relationship, underpinned by our long-serving project team, we are fully engaged with Peabody’s responsibilities towards their customers and their tenancy agreement principles and policies.

Since the merger of Catalyst and Peabody in 2022, we have streamlined our structure with the various contracts now aligned to the new merged structure, each reporting to one Operations Director, realising efficiencies and improving information capture. We meet regularly with Peabody, providing indepth information about costs and performance data. All project data is captured daily in real time using our Totalmobile IT system, controlled and monitored by a fully-trained team, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the flow of information.

Direct delivery by a local team

The majority of our works are undertaken by a direct delivery team, complemented by a small selection of supply chain partners to supplement the over-flow of tasks and to allow Peabody the flexibility to amend work streams as demand arises.

Where we use our supply chain partners, we provide them with the same training and guidance as directly employed staff through Tool Box Talks and bespoke training sessions. Furthermore, all are longterm local subcontractors with whom we have built excellent relationships over the years.

Innovative solutions provider

IT integration for all workstreams through Totalmobile provides data from one source for Peabody, ensuring real-time visibility of work progress on all workstreams.

In addition, we customise Totalmobile forms to capture and store useful information about the attributes of assets, such as boilers, their type, manufacturer, model, warranty, repairs history, Tailored social value condition and location within the building/ property.

These details are updated at every interaction and property visit and with systems integration, ensuring Peabody has instant access to updated, accurate and broader intelligence on property conditions to manage compliance and the schedule of cyclical/planned works.

Tailored social value

We have worked closely with Peabody to deliver a tailored social value plan to create a lasting positive legacy in the communities in which we operate, delivering social and local economic value and improving lives. Our social value initiatives include supporting Peabody’s apprenticeship scheme, visiting schools to promote careers throughout the construction industry, and supporting local charities and community organisations.

Sourcing local suppliers and employees during a project is also one of the ways we secure more comprehensive social and economic benefits for the community. Of the subcontractors employed by United Living, just under 40% are based within 15 miles of operations, supporting local businesses.

employee fixing boiler


United Living has been a trusted partner for over a decade, delivering multiple workstreams across our housing stock. A strong working relationship has developed over time, and the United Living project team is professional, helpful, and willing to work with us to ensure the work is completed and delivered to excellent standards to meet the needs of our residents.

Neil Watts, Group Director of Repairs and Maintenance, Peabody


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