Pollards Hill - Regeneration

Pollards Hill

  • VALUE: £35 million
  • LOCATION: Merton
  • COMPLETION: 2019

Creating a safer, healthier community

A community that people are now proud to call home

The Pollards Hill estate is a large residential area in Merton, with a mix of social housing, leasehold and freehold tenures, built between 1967 and 1971 by Merton Council and transferred to housing association Moat in 1998.

United Living worked closely with Moat to carry out the extensive regeneration of 796 mixed-tenure homes on the Pollards Hill estate – creating a vibrant community where people want to live.

Breathing new life into the local community

Recognised by the Considerate Constructors as a market leading project, the design concentrated on improving the appearance and functionality of the existing housing stock to create a more visually aesthetic and inviting environment.

A key focus was on improving the energy efficiency of properties to lower carbon emissions through thermal improvements to deliver a significant reduction in fuel bills for residents due to the vastly enhanced building fabric of the properties and reduced Moat’s overall carbon cost.

Improvements included new insulated roofs, new External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems, replacement front doors and new UPVC windows. Internally, residents benefited from 3 new kitchens, bathrooms, heating systems, ventilation, electrics, and fire safety upgrades.

Emphasis was also placed on landscaping and public areas, with courtyards becoming a centrepiece of the project. These large, previously unused open spaces were designed with the support and input of the residents who helped us develop and create the nine unique environments.

These included play areas, seating, plants, trees, dog waste facilities and newly paved footpaths, giving the residents a sense of ownership and pride in their surroundings. We also worked closely with the National Trust, replanting trees in green spaces and involving local children in designing a community garden.

The regeneration challenge

The most significant challenge of the regeneration project was the mixed tenure of the estate. Of the 796 homes, 410 were freehold and scattered across the area, which historically resulted in challenging estate-wide refurbishment due to Moat not owning every property. Our solution was to extend aspects of the work to freeholders for free, which meant that all homes, regardless of tenure, would be matched in aesthetics. Work included roof replacement due to shared elements, external decorations, and garden fencing. Obtaining freeholder permission was essential to keep the work programme on schedule. To mitigate any delay, we had a dedicated Freeholder Liaison Officer (FLO) who worked closely with freeholders to obtain the required permission via legal agreement.

To support the community consultation process, we set up a ‘Consultation House’ within an empty property on the estate. This property functioned as a project hub wherein we showcased resident choices and held meetings with key stakeholders, providing updates and answering residents’ questions.

Making a lasting difference

As well as improving the existing housing stock and local environment, the project has created broad economic and social benefits for the whole community, such as employment, education, training and improvements in health and well-being.

We had a dedicated team who worked closely with residents to ensure the social elements of regeneration were tailored to meet their needs.

residential play area


This exciting project has been an excellent example of partnership working between Moat and United Living.Not only have we delivered a large range of improvements to customers’ homes, but have also jointly launched a range of initiatives to bring the community together and provide opportunities to individuals. The collaborative team that we have created between both organisations, has helped make this project a great success.

Marian Burke, Director of Strategic Assets Investment, Moat Homes


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