Net zero retrofit

Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF)

  • CLIENT NAME: Clarion Housing Group
  • VALUE: £2.4 million
  • LOCATION: Tonbridge
  • COMPLETION: 2022

Creating warmer, healthier and more efficient homes

Creating healthy, well-maintained homes

Working collaboratively with our client, Clarion Housing Group, United Living Property Services delivered a broad programme of energy improvements to 60 properties in Tonbridge, Kent, creating energy-efficient homes for residents.

In November 2020, we supported Clarion and Tonbridge & Malling District Council’s application for funding from the government’s £50 million Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) Demonstrator scheme.

As a long-term partner with Clarion across their South London and Southern regions, the application for match funding included our proposal to deliver a whole-house retrofit solution to Wimpey-no-fines semi-detached and terrace houses in Tonbridge.

One of the critical requirements of the SHDF scheme was to reduce the energy demand of the properties from an existing 120 kWh/m2 to a lower value of 50 kWh/m2. This requirement would promote using a “fabric first” approach and see the property’s EPC rating improve from D to a mixture of C and B.

Tailored energy efficiency measures

The energy efficiency measures delivered include a purple passive airtight wrap to the selected properties, new high-performance triple glazed windows and doors, loft insulation, roof improvements and heat & energy solutions.

A customer interface and performance monitoring (Switchee System) were also installed, providing helpful information to the occupants and Clarion, promoting awareness of the causes of dampness, mould, and condensation issues, thus encouraging residents to ventilate as required and heat their homes more efficiently.

Exceptional resident engagement

Resident engagement for any project is vital. As such, we worked closely with residents throughout the project.

As all the properties remained occupied throughout the works, a tenant engagement programme with real-time feedback was established, with the site team communicating with residents to ascertain their availability and working flexibly around their commitments.

Cutting energy bills and improved energy performance

The energy efficiency measures delivered will ensure residents’ satisfaction and improved building energy performance, drastically reducing residents’ heating bills and providing warmer, healthier, more comfortable homes.

Clarion Housing Group will also benefit from the significant reduction in ongoing maintenance costs and increased ability of residents to pay their rent.

Over the next 30 years, this will amount to over £2.3 million worth of savings for the residents involved in our project while helping Clarion Housing Group achieve its net zero ambitions.

We are currently working to improve the energy efficiency of a further 250 properties in Tonbridge following the successful SHDF demonstrator project.



My experience of working with United Living on the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund project has been refreshing and a real pleasure. The professional approach to planning and execution of the works is complemented well by their support and expertise, and they have worked collaboratively with us, along with our consultant partners and other partner contractors to deliver a complex programme of works in a relatively short delivery window.

Paul Norman, Head of Asset Management, Clarion Housing Group


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