Net Zero Retrofit

Wolverhampton Homes

  • CLIENT NAME: Wolverhampton Homes
  • VALUE:  £6 million
  • LOCATION: Wolverhampton
  • COMPLETION: Ongoing
external retrofitted home

Creating warmer, healthier and more efficient homes

Working collaboratively

United Living Property Services (ULPS) has worked with Wolverhampton Homes (WH) via a Strategic Construction Partnership since 2008. This partnership delivers planned, cyclical building safety and improvement works to Wolverhampton Council’s housing stock.

As part of this partnership, ULPS is retrofitting 200+ properties across the city to comply fully with PAS 2030/2035. The retrofit programme is part of Wolverhampton Council’s ‘greener homes & Warmer Residents through Property Retrofit’ project. It aims to reduce residents’ energy bills while decreasing the carbon emissions from its social housing stock, contributing to its net zero carbon goals.

external retrofitted home

Tailored energy efficiency measures

Working closely with Wolverhampton Homes and our partners, the properties were assessed to establish the energy efficiency measures that would make the most impact.

Our Building Information Model process helped to inform retrofit design, system proposals & quantities for costing.

The retrofit programme takes a whole-house, fabric-first approach. It includes the installation of external wall insulation (EWI), new loft insulation, energy-efficient windows and doors, keeping the homes warmer for longer, and reducing the energy needed to heat each property. New ventilation systems have also been fitted, helping air circulate, reducing the risk of dampness and mould, and improving air quality.

Our project teams are also busy getting properties ‘heat pump ready’ for Phase 2, which will align with the Social Housing Demonstrator Fund (SHDF) wave 2.2 funding stream so the properties can have low-carbon systems installed in the future. We have also secured another £1.1m for an Energiesprong Heat Pump Ready scheme on the same properties, which will help keep homes healthy and energy efficient.

Using digital technology to maximise sustainable retrofit

Digital technology can help us better understand building performance, how the building is being used, and other valuable insights, such as whether the home is underheated or poorly ventilated. Each household will have an AICO HomeLINK monitoring system installed that sends useful information to the occupants and Wolverhampton Homes, promoting awareness of the causes of damp, mould, and condensation issues, which can support with preventative measures being taken by the residents as required.

The £6m project has improved each home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating from D to C. As well as creating much-improved living environments, residents can expect their bills to be reduced, saving them as much as £800 per year.

external retrofitted home

Resident engagement

As with all occupied refurbishment projects, communication with residents is the cornerstone of successful housing retrofit projects.

Our designated Resident Liaison Officers (RLOs) engage with homeowners, guide them through the work, and help them understand the benefits of the energy efficiency measures. This regular contact aims to share with residents knowledge of their properties, know how on the technology to support the energy measures having a positive, lasting impact long after the project has been completed.

housing with scaffolding


This retrofit programme of works is helping to tackle the performance of our non-traditional housing stock and addressing the issues around damp, mould & condensation whilst working closely with our residents to help reduce demands for heating and reducing energy usage.

Steve North, Commercial and Development Manager, Wolverhampton Homes


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