Water Network Construction

Yorkshire Water

  • CLIENT NAME: Yorkshire Water
  • VALUE: £2 million per year
  • LOCATION: North Yorkshire
  • COMPLETION: Early 2024
yorkshire water site

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Ensuring a resilient water supply for Leeming Bar Industrial Estate

In March 2023, Leeming Bar Industrial Estate, near Bedale, North Yorkshire, received planning approval for the addition of 18 new businesses, which is expected to substantially increase the area’s demand for water.

To ensure the fulfilment of future water supply requirements, Yorkshire Water entrusted United Living Infrastructure Services (ULIS) to lay approximately 6km of new water pipelines to ensure a sustainable and reliable water supply for businesses at Leeming Bar Industrial Estate. The £2 million major infrastructure project also supports economic development and underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility and the local community.

yorkshire water site pipes being laid

Our commitment to environmental responsibility and the local community

As this project was in a rural setting, minimising the environmental impact during construction was critical. ULIS was fully committed to undertaking various measures to ensure the project’s sustainability, focusing heavily on erosion control, wildlife protection, and adhering to environmental regulations.

This project was not without its challenges, particularly in navigating multiple water courses. Our team harnessed its industry expertise by utilising directional drilling techniques to mitigate any environmental impact on the surrounding area.

Upholding our commitment to minimising environmental impact which sits at the heart of ULIS’ strategy, ensuring the sustainability of our operations. Our teams worked closely with local stakeholders to mitigate any inconvenience to Yorkshire Water’s customers and ensure a continuous water supply. In addition to upgrading the pipework, we were also responsible for upgrading roads where necessary to facilitate efficient access during the construction phase. These road improvements will have a lasting positive impact on the local community.

Early project completion

The project was completed in Spring 2024, 3 months earlier than the client’s original end-stop date (Aug 2024). There were a number of key factors which enabled us to achieve this:

  • Up front optimised programme – focused on reducing customer minutes lost,
    discolouration and low pressures and taking into account constraints such as the weather and road closure.
  • Close coordination between the end customer and client.
  • Meeting the needs of local land owners – including the location of fittings and valves to minimise the risk of farmers impacting the pipes.
  • Whole asset life cycle considerations during design.
  • Standardised off-site construction.

water pipes on construction site


We are pleased that the Leeming Bar pipeline project was completed in a timely manner. This was a significant investment by Yorkshire Water, underlying our commitment to supply the residents and businesses of Leeming Bar with the best quality drinking water. Working collaboratively with United Living, we have delivered the ahead of schedule, driving safety and innovation whilst delivering a first-class service to our customers. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with United Living as we move into the forthcoming AMP8 period.

Steph Horgan, Project Manager, Yorkshire Water


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