Battersea Pressure Reduction Station

National Grid
Battersea, London

The Challenge

National Grid identified the need for an existing south west London PRS to be re-located to a new site. An entirely new installation was needed at the new site on Prince of Wales Drive, neighbouring the Battersea Cats and Dogs Home. The new PRS needed to be constructed and commissioned before the old one could be made redundant.

Considering the challenges involved, the Fastflow Project Team was able to deliver this high-profile project safely.

The Solution

The scope of works for the Intermediate pressure to Medium and Low-pressure regulating installation included:

  • An instrument house
  • Six semi-submerged pressure regulating units
  • Above ground kiosks to contain a gas conditioning unit
  • Connection to the Medium Pressure gas main, between the gas main and the PRS and Low-Pressure outlets to the existing local gas network
  • New access road to the site for construction and ongoing operations
  • Gravelled compound and replacement brick wall

FES provided project management, commercial management, Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality management, document control and operational teams to construct the PRS and install the highly technical pressure regulation equipment.

The project from start to finish took a year which included Construction, Testing, Commissioning and handover of all documentation.

The Impact

Considering the challenges involved, the Fastflow Project Team was able to deliver this high-profile project safely, - which saw the team complete the project with zero LTI’s / NLTI’s. Approved Best Practices and achieving top scores at Project Board visits - on time and to budget.