National Grid St Fergus

National Grid Gas Transmission
Infrastructure Services
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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The Challenge

Located on the northeast coast of Scotland, the St. Fergus Gas Terminal in Aberdeenshire receives around 25% of the UK’s Gas from North Sea gas fields. The terminal is a key gas entry point into the UK which was built in 1976 in a coastal environment that accelerates corrosion degradation.

National Grid’s Asset Health Project identified over 450 issues at the Terminal that needed addressing as a result of the environment and from the general wear and tear on a long-term asset. United Living delivery partner Fastflow was appointed to carry out the works through a competitive process and started work on the site in 2015.

St. Fergus Gas Terminal in Aberdeenshire receives around 25% of the UK’s Gas from North Sea gas fields.

The Solution

Existing site establishment and laydown area were used for this project and we cleaned, painted and partially refurbished the old cabins to provide a fresher environment for staff to work in. The laydown area was sectioned off and then cleared of debris and items in order to give our teams a clean and tidy area of storage.

The work included:

  • Pit wall transitions – inspection and remedial works on pipelines passing through pit walls
  • Cathodic protection of below ground pipework and assets
  • Spring hanger replacements – on compressor inlet and outlet pipework
  • Vent and sealant lines – remedial action
  • Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations – taking action to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Earthing and lightning protection remedial work
  • Completion of the Plant 2 Metering Project
  • Area Refurbishment Work; this included corrosion inspection and repairs.

We also reduced the time to complete per compressor cab from three weeks to five weeks by FES. This was achieved through:

  • Changing support of existing pipework from scaffold to timber skids.
  • Ordering additional safety cages at low cost, allowing the simultaneous progress of additional units.
  • Changing the method for removing and replacing pit lids to suction lifting - saving two days per pit.

The Impact

When extensive and urgent remedial work was needed on both Plants 1 and 2, Fastflow and National Grid jointly agreed a plan to completely shut down and isolate the two plants in turn so that the project team could work uninterrupted, operating as a FES managed CDM area. This had never been done before in the life of the terminal. It was testament to the strong working relationships and trust that had been built through our work.