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Sustainability and our impact on the planet

Our understanding of the impact we are having on our planet is increasing, both in terms of how climate risk is already impacting our natural world and the economic systems that finance our business model. Our industry by its very nature is a significant user of natural resources but with ever growing concerns over climate […]

CEO and Chair. Neil Armstrong looks at the UK economy in light of recent Government announcements

“To say that the coronavirus pandemic has put business under pressure would be a huge understatement. However, as is often said – necessity is the mother of invention and I am sure that the new ways of thinking and working, to which we have all had to adapt, will bear future fruit. Encouragingly, I see […]

Blog from Managing Director of Property Services, Conor Bray

United Living Property Services Managing Director, Conor Bray, talks through his lockdown experience, Covid-19 and getting his business back to work.