In 1964, United Living (UL) began life as a central heating specialist trading under the name ‘Harp Heating’, founded by Geoffrey Granter.

Initially, the core business was installing central heating in council housing while the tenants remained in occupation.

Harp Heating broadened this service into an internal refurbishment product for the Greater London Council, installing a package of heating, bathroom, kitchen and electrical works in four days.

In the 1980s United Living entered property refurbishment and new housing.

Harp Heating was rebranded as United House, and the Company moved into the current group headquarters in Swanley. During the 1980s the company pioneered the resident liaison officer role. By the end of the decade United House was well on the way to becoming a leading property company. 

A development division named Modern City Living was established.
In 2005, water utility maintenance specialist Fastflow Pipeline Services was acquired from Northumbrian Water by current United Living CEO and Chairman Neil Armstrong.

The privately owned Fastflow Group evolved through a combination of acquisition and organic growth. This entrepreneurial spirit is a key facet of all our people. Subsequently, the company expanded into the energy, property maintenance and new housing sectors. Other companies within the group include Fastflow Energy Services, Partner Construction and DW Support Services.

On 16 September 2014, United House merged with Bullock Construction, a northern-based new housing business, which was founded in 1955.

Bullock Construction had a similar profile to United House but worked in other areas of the UK. The new company was called United Living Group. 

Fastflow joined forces with property specialist, United Living Group.
In 2020 the board comprises a healthy blend of United Living, Fastflow and external appointments.

The board recognised that it was the right time to harmonise the branding for the group of companies. Not to forget the legacy and the Fastflow name that served them so well, but to glue the new family of businesses together under a simplified, easily recognisable, common brand with sharp and focused service lines.

The business chose to embrace United Living as the brand and trading name to carry it forward into the future, as it best represents the overall portfolio of services offered by the group, the nature in which they are delivered and the underpinning strategy and vision for the new company.  

Under the United Living Brand, the company has three service lines; Infrastructure, New Homes and Property Services.

Fastflow Energy Services and Pipeline Services operate under the Infrastructure brand, all United Living construction activities and Partner Construction operate under the ‘New Homes’ service line and all group property maintenance activities including United Living South Refurbishment and DW Support Services operate under the Property Services line.

The group is now well positioned for growth in the support services sector to deliver the increasing demand for new and well maintained housing and healthy, reliable infrastructure. 

Revenues are expected to reach over £500m.