Snowdonia challenge for the Pilion Trust

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United Living’s cohort of GEM graduates recently climbed Snowdon in 30 degree heat, to raise awareness and funds for the homelessness charity, the Pilion Trust.

Some team members were on the road as early as 4am to make the 9am start time for the ascent in Snowdonia. The group completed the hike, up and down the mountain in less than five hours; beating most of the crowds to the summit.

The fundraising walk follows a workshop held earlier this year, where United Living GEM graduates learned more about the complex issues around homelessness. The workshop included a presentation by David Tovey, an accredited designer who has exhibited at the Tate in London. David has previously been homeless and reflected on the support he received from various organisations, including Pilion Trust.

After hearing David share his experiences, the GEM graduates agreed to set out a challenge that would help raise monies for Pilion Trust. The final amount they raise from the hike will go towards the Pilion Trust’s newly acquired Ring Cross Community Centre, which is committed to hosting a broad range of activities and events for vulnerable people and diverse community groups, seven days a week.

The donations page remains open for the next few days, to help the team reach its target. If you’d like to show your support, please visit:


For more information about the Pilion Trust:

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