Derelict Westminster basements turned into affordable homes

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Transformative works creating three two bedroom flats in the heart of Westminster have been completed.

The new properties, which reside in Gloucester Terrace, have been delivered by United Living on behalf of Westminster City Council and are all for affordable housing.

The flats created are in former disused basements and the project highlights the ongoing potential of the hidden homes market. Hidden homes are properties that are created out of areas that have become derelict or are not what would usually be seen as a place to build places to live.

Jon Wallis, Business Director for Refurbishment South at United Living said “United Living are really proud of the completed properties and with what has been achieved in Gloucester Terrace. Providing affordable homes is a key part of what we do, and I believe the three flats reflect an incredible standard of finish. This was an extremely technically and logistically challenging scheme and the commitment of the United Living team was intrinsic in ensuring we delivered an exemplary product.

“On behalf of United Living I would like to thank all of the residents in the area for their patience and co-operation throughout the work.”

To ensure disruption in this busy area was kept to an absolute minimum United Living liaised with existing residents throughout, encouraged staff and contractors to use public transport or cycle to the site as well as follow a strict and efficient delivery system for all project materials.

Structural improvements, upgrade and reconfiguration of the utilities along with new property foundations were included as part of the works to create the new flats and to improve the existing structure of the building.

The properties are all finished to a contemporary open plan design, and aim to show the potential for more affordable homes in Westminster.

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