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United Living take part in The World’s Big Sleep Out

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Staff from United Living have raised £600 taking part in ‘The Worlds Big Sleep Out’, a global event to help tackle homelessness.

Paula Lunnon, Jonathan Phillips and Jamie Taylor slept out in sleeping bags at Cardiff Castle and braced extreme weather on a cold and wet December night.

Paula, Community Benefits Coordinator at United Living South, said: “There were no shelters and the rain set in about 10pm. By 4am the organisers had to ask people to leave due to Health & Safety as people were falling and slipping just going to the loo. The field was like a mud bath and no matter what you did you got wet, cold and very uncomfortable which demonstrated that nobody would voluntarily sleep rough. Thank you to everyone who has supported us…..we did it!”

The global event took place in locations such as New York, London, Madrid, Brussells, New Delhi and Barcelona and aims to raise a total of $50,000,000 to help an estimated 1,000,000 homeless and displaced people.

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