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Lewisham Homes receive a site tour of Hatfield & Gerrard

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Representatives from Lewisham Homes joined Councillor Paul Bell for a tour of the ongoing works at Hatfield Close and Gerrard House in Lewisham.

The fire safety and improvement works are being carried out by United Living, who arranged the visit to highlight the progress of the programme.

Included as part of the visit was a presentation of all the ongoing works and a tour of the site, which had a detailed introduction to the products being used.

Daren Mosely, Chief Operating Officer at United Living, said: “As we complete roofing works and prepare for phase three of the programme, we welcomed key stakeholders to view the current status of the project at this key milestone. In early 2020 we move to fit new Terracotta Cladding to the buildings and look forward to implementing other wide ranging improvements for residents.”

Further information on the project can be found at https://bit.ly/2roKVjr and a video of the tour via https://bit.ly/36iX8oq

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