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Young Entrepreneurs competition 2020 at Severn Vale School

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The 2020 Young Entrepreneurs Inter-School competition is underway which aims to find the most innovative young entrepreneurs in Gloucester.

The competition is organised by Gfirst LEP and sponsored by GCHQ, and a round was held at Severn Vale School in Gloucester with the goal of selecting who would represent them in the grand finals.

Sacha Hutcheson, Assistant Programme Co-Ordinator at United Living North along with Sarah Davis from Two Rivers Housing were present to support the competition and judge the entrants.

Sacha said: “We had to mentor one team made up of five to six children. There were 15 teams in total and our role was to support, encourage and emphasise the importance of working collaboratively. The goal was to think of an idea with the guideline criteria of ways to communicate, looking after the planet, home technology and using space to benefit mankind.

“My team came up with the ‘Get Ready-ator’, an eco-friendly device that helps the user get ready including clothes, washing, hair and makeup. “I was asked to judge the semi-finals, which meant I wasn’t able to watch my team pitch, so I judged the other group in the other room along with another volunteer. Our winner was unanimous, we both thought ‘Ace’ was the best. Ace was a smart watch, that you use to open your front door etc, meaning you can’t lose your car or house keys.

“Our semi-finalist Ace and the other group semi-finalist Plasteco then had to pitch again on the stage in the school hall. Plasteco were the winners who now go on to compete with other schools on May 1st at GCHQ in Cheltenham.

“It was a fascinating day and so interesting to watch the children, it started slow when they were trying to think of ideas, but I asked them questions and that seemed to help. Also, it was interesting to see their different strengths and weaknesses as the day went on.”

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