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TPAS workshop held to boost resident engagement

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An informative TPAS workshop has been held to mark the start of a project aimed at increasing resident engagement.

The workshop was focused on using behavioural insights to help solve challenges contractors and housing associations face. Representatives from United Living, Lewisham Homes and Michael Dyson Associates were put into groups and tasked with identifying ‘good problems’, understanding why these issues exist and then how to implement change.

Common issues include access to properties, anti-social behaviour and engagement generally.

Mo Crouch, Partnering and New Business Director at United Living, said: “Building a Safer Future, an independent review of building regulations and fire safety, concluded in its final report that resident voice and communication is key. Work at Hatfield is Gerrard is a perfect platform to re-evaluate our resident engagement, and the TPAS programme will help us improve it for this and future refurbishment work.”

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