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Paul Maghie, Business Development Director at Property Services South talks about United Living’s new Property Services brand and newly combined business units.

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In June last year United Living and Fastflow Group joined forces. We are busy building many things including our new consolidated website, integrating the businesses and launching our new branding. We look forward to further revealing all of this in due course.

There are many compelling reasons why it made sense for the two organisations to come together, not least the strong rationale to combine the skills and complementary services of Fastflow’s property maintenance specialist DW Support Services with United Living’s property maintenance/refurbishment businesses. We are pleased to announce that this process is now largely complete.

The powerful formula provides us with enhanced capability and expertise to support our clients with a full turnkey service, including responsive and planned maintenance, estate regeneration, energy efficiency measures, compliance services and building safety works.

We are also delighted to formally announce the new brand and trading name for our national property business “United Living Property Services”. Our recent contract win to deliver responsive maintenance and void services for Hammersmith and Fulham Council is the first contract to be delivered under the ULPS brand and we took the opportunity to launch our new fleet with the new livery in the new colours. We think it looks fantastic, our client loves it, we hope you like it too.

Over the coming weeks I will be talking more about the services offered within ULPS in the South, my colleagues across our wider group will update you on progress in their respective business areas and as a team we will continue to help our clients develop and optimise their assets.

Should you require further information for United Living Property Services in the South and South East then please feel free to contact me at either Paul.Maghie@dwsupportservices.co.uk or 07703 835776. In the North, Midlands and Wales please contact Helen Francis at helen.francis@unitedliving.co.uk

Full details about the Hammersmith and Fulham Council contract can be read via https://bit.ly/3aE23DJ

Press and media enquiries, call 0161 660 9889 email press.office@unitedliving.co.uk