Employees: United Living and Fastflow Group. COVID-19


Cotefield Road

  • Project:Cotefield Road
  • Client:Wythenshawe Community Housing Cotefield Road
  • Contract value:£4m

The project for Wythenshawe Community Housing Group aims to deliver 38 new homes. The site, located in a popular residential community is currently a mix of two storey residential family homes, three storey flats and commercial units.


The brownfield classification of the site posed several potential risks in the form of contaminated land, localised asbestos and insitu petrol fuel tanks. United Living overcame these challenges in conjunction with the client’s novated engineer and a geo-environmental consultant to identify a suitable remediation strategy.


The sites close proximity to The Willows Primary school enabled them to join us in the 2015 Ivor Goodsite Hoarding competition. The team visited the school to judge posters that the pupils had created and the winning poster, designed by 7-year old Abigail, took centre stage on the site hoardings.