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University of West England Site visit

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United Living’s Site Manager Jason Ivens took 12 students from the University of West England on a site visit to Staple Hill, Bristol on the 15th November.

The third-year students studying Construction Project Management were brought on site with two members of University staff to enhance their studies, bringing to life the topics they had been learning about.

The students had the opportunity to learn more about timber frame erection by walking around plots fitted on site and discussing the frames at different stages of build. The students were also able to study various lifting plans, providing a real insight into the industry.

The site has a total of 30 units, five of which are bungalows, four flats and 21 houses.

Site Manager Jason Ivens said “The site visit was a great success. The students had a large number of questions for me about various aspects of the job, showing their enthusiasm and passion to learn and work in this sector.

They were also greatly interested in the considerate constructor’s scheme and showed a great deal of curiosity in the award-winning project that I previously worked on with United Living, training ex-homeless, ex-military personnel in building their own accommodation in Bristol. It was great to see young people so eager to learn about what they love”.

For more information on the considerate constructor’s scheme, please click here.

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