Sustainable future

Creating a sustainable future

We recognise the important role we play in enabling the transition to a more sustainable future. Preserving our planet does not only benefit our environment, but also provides opportunities for our business.

Our four business pillars; Infrastructure Services, New Homes, Property Services and Connected, have each established actions to tackle some of the most pressing environmental and social concerns. From improving our positive impact through the communities we work with, to reducing our carbon emissions, all our commitments are driven by measurable outcomes that ensure sustainability is embedded in every business decision we make.

Positive lasting legacy

Our approach

Designed to help us create a positive impact on the world, our approach is centred around responsible business practices and a drive to reduce our environmental impact, by embracing eco-friendly construction methods, sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies.

We are dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive work environment for our employees, and we work closely with our clients and community organisations, to ensure we leave a positive, lasting legacy for the people we work with, and the world in which we operate.

Finally, we always prioritise strong governance practices, guaranteeing transparency, ethical behaviour, and accountability throughout our operations.

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Sustainability strategy

Our strategy

Our sustainability strategy sets out how we will achieve our ambitious targets, as we are committed to always delivering on our commitments. Performance is consistently measured using key performance indicators, so we are certain we keep progressing and improving.
We aim to review and update this strategy regularly as we make progress against our long-term targets and improve our knowledge of the ever-changing sustainability challenges our planet faces.

Our sustainability strategy focuses on three key themes:

  • Our environment and protecting our planet.
  • Social Value and creating a positive, lasting legacy.
  • Our people and providing a great place to work.

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Strong governance

We recognise that sustainability considerations are critical to our business success. As a result, our governance framework provides oversight of our sustainability strategy to ensure our objectives are implemented effectively.

The governance framework comprises senior leaders from across the business, who collectively embed sustainability as a golden thread throughout United Living Group. This approach ensures sustainability is an integral part of our decision-making processes and operations.

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